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About us 

We are an academic proofreading and editing services provider established in 2012. Starting out with only five editors, we initially focused on assisting researchers and academicians with proofreading/editing their academic research work for language errors. We have expanded to provide other academic services to researchers, and currently have over 120 skilled editors from various background areas. Our editors are all native English speakers and have prior experience in editing academic work.

Our online-based services are offered to researchers, academicians, professors, postgraduate students, and the authors of PhD/Master theses and journal papers. Feedback from returning clients demonstrates our reputation for quality, efficient turnaround and reasonable rates.

We fully proofread and edit your manuscript, and fix all English errors in the process. This covers proofreading (spelling, grammar, punctuation) and editing (sentence structure, coherency and flow, concise and clear use of language, academic wording/tone). We ‘polish up’ your manuscript and get it ready for publication or print. A final rigorous quality assurance check is performed to ensure the manuscript is error-free.

Confidentiality of your work is strictly enforced at all times, and all of our proofreaders have signed a non-disclosure agreement. We provide a safe and secure streamlined online system for complete peace of mind.

For business inquiries or requests for journal or university collaboration, please contact us.


Work hours

Customer Support:

Monday – Friday, 10AM to 5PM (UTC +8 Malaysia time)
Saturday – Sunday, 10AM to 1PM (UTC +8 Malaysia time)

Proofreading Operations:

Seven days a week, 10AM to 10PM


Contact information

Email: info[at]proofreadingmalaysia[dot]com
Phone: (+60) 018 3953 252


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