The Proofreading Process

The Proofreading Process

The proofreading process for academic work usually starts out after one completes one’s manuscript. This stage takes place right before publication or print of the manuscript. A manuscript could be a thesis, dissertation, or journal paper. It is crucial to either proofread the manuscript yourself, or assign a certified proofreader to edit it for you. Either way, this is an important process that will determine the language quality of your work. It is important to express your ideas very clearly, especially in academic work. Reviewers or readers will usually stop reading a manuscript if they encounter too many English errors in the work. Errors could be spelling/typos, grammatical, punctuation, sentence structure, and coherency. There are many dimensions to take into account when proofreading a manuscript. All of these dimensions should be carefully inspected, and all errors should be corrected. Reviewers would usually send your manuscript back in the case it contains too many errors. Therefore, it is crucial to tackle this process thoroughly before sending your manuscript for publication/print. This would save a great deal of time and effort.

This is different from editing, which takes place after every draft you complete. Proofreading is a process that takes place only at the final stage of writing. It is of great importance to be serious about this process. Most writers whose mother language is not English do not consider this stage to be important, and send their manuscripts directly to reviewers. This should not be the case. There should be a careful inspection of the manuscript prior to sending it to reviewers. Why go to all the trouble of having it sent back, and then wasting time looking for a good proofreader? Why not simply take this step seriously before sending anything in? There are many high quality proofreaders available online, who would be more than happy to inspect and correct your document for a reasonable fee. Our service, for example, gives you access to high quality proofreaders who are willing to thoroughly refine your document in terms of English language, and then send it back within a reasonable amount of time, and a fair price. Please go to the inquiry page and upload your document for a free quote. Do take the time to fill in the details and ensure that you provide any special requests so that we can take them into account. For example, some students prefer for the editor not to modify their citations because they use automated reference software such as EndNote. If any of the citations are modified by the editor, this would break the links the software provides between the citation and the reference. So please make sure to mention any special requests.

We also have editors with various backgrounds. It is important to assign your document to an editor that has a background on the topic your document is about. He would know what you refer to when you use special terms that are used only in your topic. He would have a better chance of recognizing mistakes that editors with other backgrounds would not. So this is also another thing to take note of. Editors are available for many different backgrounds. So be sure to mention that you want a proofreader that is skilled in your area. To date, we have around 20 proofreaders working with us, and there is a good chance you would find one that is skilled in your background.

We cover both theses and papers, and charge a fair rate to students. Theses for Master’s students may take up to five days to complete, while theses for PhD’s would take about a week to complete. Papers usually take around two to five days to send back. We charge a low rate compared to other companies, and maintain the same quality as those companies. So be sure to come to us when you need help with your manuscript!


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