Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading Jobs


Freelance Proofreading/Editing Job Position

We currently have a large group of proofreaders and editors working on our team on a freelance basis. But due to the high client demand for academic proofreading and editing, we are always on the search for new freelance proofreaders to join us. Our doors are always open to those who have prior experience in proofreading and editing academic work. If you are looking for a freelance proofreading job in Malaysia, this position might interest you. Proofreaders and editors who are looking for an online-based job are welcome to apply.

You need to possess at least a Master’s or Doctorate, and have prior experience in editing and proofreading academic writing. Basic knowledge of in-text citation adjustment and style guides such as APA, Chicago and IEEE are a plus. Note that our service comprises proofreading and editing, which involves checking 7 main components:

1. Spelling/typographical errors
Involves checking the document for any spelling or typographical mistakes and adjusting them.

2. Grammatical errors
Involves checking the document for any grammatical errors and fixing them accordingly. Some common grammatical errors are singular-plural disagreement, squinting modifiers, overuse of adverbs, incorrect article usage, and overuse of prepositional phrases.

3. Punctuation 
This involves checking the punctuation (commas, colons, apostrophes, etc.) of each sentence, and making sure the punctuation symbols are being applied properly.

4. Sentence structure 
Common examples are run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and subject verb agreement, using too much passive sentences, incorrect use of coordinating conjunctions.

5. Coherency and flow of ideas 
This involves first checking high level coherence and cohesion for each paragraph at a time, and ensuring the flow of ideas and discussion is coherent from one paragraph to the next, and then checking the coherence at the sentence level.

6. Clarity and concise use of language
Clarity refers to concise sentences that are short, to-the-point and easy to read.

7. Academic tone and terminology
This involves replacing everyday words with key academic terms that are common in the subject area/academic discipline. This also involves maintaining writing in the third person.

If you are interested to work with us on a freelance basis, send us an email to info [at] proofreadingmalaysia [dot] com with your resume and some samples of your proofreading work. Please mention “Freelance Proofreading/Editing Job Position” in the subject of the email. You can try a simple proofreading job request with us, and then decide whether you want to continue with more requests, no pressure! Our streamlined online system is flexible and convenient for freelance-style work.