Tips for Academic Research – Writing

Tips for Academic Research – Writing

Start out with writing by taking small notes. During reading previous literature, it is good practice to take notes. Notes are usually quick sentences that present important concepts or ideas that you have found interesting during reading. These notes will be useful when writing your literature review, and other parts of your thesis.

Also, once you start to write a conference paper or a journal article, you may want to keep these for later reference, and use them in your thesis. Or, you may want to use some pieces of your writings from your thesis and form them into a conference paper or journal article. This is usually what most people do after completing their thesis. Most universities require that a student has a certain number of publications in conferences and journals in order to fulfill the requirements and graduate. So students may use what they wrote in their thesis to create the necessary publications.

Depending on the specific journal, you may want to format your article tailored specifically for the format of that particular journal. As you write, you can follow the guidelines of the particular journal format. This way, you will save time with formatting your writings for the journal.

After you complete a journal article, you should leave it for at least one day. Then come back to it and read it again. This way, you will be able to read it over and most likely realize that something needs correcting. Always leave some time before you come back to read the article again, or proofread it for any language mistakes.

Do not let bad feedback from journal proofreaders demoralize you. Simply correct the mistakes they have highlighted as soon as possible and resubmit it early, not matter how hard this can be. After your hard work, you should not let the proofreaders get in your way. Adjust the article accordingly, and resubmit it again. All successful researchers have had negative feedback during their early stages of writing, so do not let this get in your way.


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