How to Proofread, Edit and Paraphrase your Own Work

How to Proofread, Edit and Paraphrase your Own Work

Once you have complete your research thesis or paper, you come to the stage of proofreading, English editing, and paraphrasing. Sometimes when you have implemented some concept into your work, you may want to either use the same text the researcher has used, and reference that, or re-write the concept in your own way (and reference the researcher you have taken the concept from). When you write the concept in your own way, this is called paraphrasing. It is not easy to paraphrase a work, because you would have to be cautious to keep the same idea, but at the same time write it in a different way – your own way.

Besides paraphrasing, you have proofread and edit your work. This involves checking your work for any spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes or poorly constructed sentences. Other than that, you may want to check if you are expressing your ideas in the best way possible, and using the most suitable words to explain your thoughts.

It is best to start to proofread your work whenever you are fully complete with your document. This is to avoid correcting everything, and then modifying your work over and over, so that you are back to the same old mistakes. Never proofread or edit your work someplace that is full of distractions. This means to television, radio, Facebook, or anything of the sort.

When in the process of editing, do not read quickly. Instead, try to read very slowly to spot errors. If possible, read your work back words, in order to spot errors easily. You may also want to read through the work in multiple rounds, and check for a single type of error in each round.

Another tip is to take notes while checking for errors. Many proofreaders may forget this, even though it is crucial to take notes so that whenever you come across a similar mistake later in other pages, you can spot them and correct them easily because you have already taken note of them.

Finally, the best way to get your work error free is to give it to a skilled proofreader to deal with it. For a fee, you can send your document to a professional so that they can transform it into an error free document. That is what we are here for 😉


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